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Imaging Services

We have a range of diagnostic imaging equipment including a wide-bore MRI, CT scanner, BMD, Mammogram, X-ray, CBCT and Ultrasounds for adults and children.

Our Story

Precious Imaging Centre is part of a one-stop Medical Specialist Centre with facilities for Endoscopy, Day Surgery and Dentistry. We occupy the entire Level 12 of Paragon Medical.

Your Records

You and your doctors can access images and reports round-the-clock on a secure site – a mobile enabled, environmentally conscious and user friendly solution by Philips Medical.

Precious Imaging Centre

Our Imaging Centre was conceived as part of a one-stop medical centre with endoscopic, laser and day surgery facilities. We value the health, safety and privacy of our patients and are open for use to all registered and accredited doctors.

  • Airflow  system protected by UVC light

  • Premises coated with QAC disinfectants

  • Separate waiting areas for female patients

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Our Story
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Day Surgery Centre

  • Our operating theatres have Hepa-Air filters with more than 20 air exchange cycles/hour

  • Private recovery room with oxygen panels

  • Open to all accredited Medical Specialists

Medical Centre

Specially designed and separate isolation room for patients who may have respiratory infections.

  • UVC air sterilisation

  • Negative pressure room

  • Hepa-air filtration

  • Increased air exchange cycles per hour

Contact us

290 Orchard Road, #12-01 Paragon Medical, Singapore 238859

Phone: 6380 4280, 9627 2227


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